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Hweb-7662-365-gretas-get-togetheri Barb- This was Greta’s big social weekend. At 8 weeks old she greets everyone with a tail that wags triple speed. Thank you for all your work in raising a confident dog. We had our first dinner party and she got passed around to nine people after dessert, likely the only time that will happen. We went off to puppy kindergarten and she focused well to follow directions. During the last 10 minute social hour, slept in the middle of the floor while a 12 week old Great Dane walked over her. She was allowed for the first time in the living room for a football party and the Vikings win. Lots of noise, lots of friends, lots of petting and playing. We all laughed out loud as she watched the TV for the first time. She likes Joe Buck and commercials. With our first week together history; she sleeps through the night without problems. We have our crate routine down with no messes during the day. She sits on command with ease and likes to fetch all things. I am living in a puppy parallel universe, having the time of my life and grateful for such a wonderful puppy.  Karen