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Hi Barb,

It’s really fun to see your new website and all the photos and videos of the cute puppies — please keep sharing!

It’s hard to believe that our Gatsby is almost three years old on Halloween this year! He has been a great buddy during quarantine helping me with at-home workouts (as pictured below), which just means sitting on my mat! He also loves spending a lot of time at the lake during the summer swimming and getting out on the boat. During the past few months at home, he’s definitely a bright spot and I love the extra time we get to spend with him. He really is the sweetest dog. We have a baby coming in the new year so trying to get Gatsby ready to not be the “only child” in the house! He loves kids and babies though so I know he’ll do great. I think he’ll be very happy once we have a toddler in the house who leaves food everywhere 🙂

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Kelly  and Brendan