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Finley- puppy from Fall Litters



Barb,  We just wanted to send a quick update and a huge thank you for our puppy, Finley.(Madison/Champ 9/2015) We are over-the-moon crazy about how cuddly, sweet, and fun he is! He’s been adjusting well to life in the city with new noises, smells, and interest in meeting EVERYONE during our walks. Finley is the talk of our building – everyone wants to see the cute new Golden who is always calm and relaxed in our arms 🙂 The puppy wellness exam went well on Tuesday and Finley is healthy – as expected. We are working on being consistent with our routine and things are going well. Still working on loving the crate, but we know it takes time. Unfortunately we forgot to get a section of our towel when we picked him up so we are thinking he’s just missing his litter mates.

Thank you again! We absolutely love Finley!


Best Regards,

Allison & Ben