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Ezra’s litter visiting school

Yesterday Ezra’s litter visited Amy’s school. It was another example of how blessed we are to live in this community. Everyone is so good to Amy, and treat her with respect and also expect the best from her. She is surrounded everyday with friends, teachers and coaches that genuinely care about her. As a parent of a child with special needs, it doesn’t get any better. The entire 8th grade went on a field trip and had to dress up. Amy was so excited and kept telling me “Amy look cute”. She always has an innocent outlook on life, and I learn such basic things from her.

Puppies bring out the best in everyone! It seems wherever we go, people get a big smile and have to laugh at these rolly- polly little guys. Ezra’s litter is extra chunky because there were only three in the litter, so they could eat all they wanted. They are so cute and sweet. I have really gotten to know them because there are only three, I can spend a lot of time with each puppy. They truly have that “golden” temperament. If you are interested in a great companion dog, please inquire about one of these little guys. They are really special.