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Ezra & Jackson- 6 weeks

Everyday we went to a different place to expose the puppies to different smells and experiences.

The puppies went to my brother’s farm today and saw sheep and were
introduced to another dog. It is so good for them to experience all the
different smells!

Ezra 001(1) Ezra 003(1)
Ezra 006(1) Ezra 011

The puppies visited our church during Easter where over 100 kids got to hold and kiss the puppies, a Memory Loss Care Facility, a day care, and as always held by our friends, grandchildren and family too!

puppies at church 024 puppies at church 001
puppies at church 003 puppies at church 007
image003 DSC_6980
Ezra 005 Ezra 002
Ezra 011(1) Ezra 006(2)
Ezra 008 Ezra 009
Ezra 006 Ezra 004
Ezra 001 Ezra 003