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Extra Help

Daniel has been working for a construction company all summer, but agreed to work for Rolling Oaks the last two weeks before college starts again! What a blessing it has been to have both him and Anna training dogs, and working on the farm. We had a lean-to on the barn that had collapsed from the weight of snow four years ago. It took Daniel two days to remove it. The view is amazing from the barn. I can imagine how it must have been for the farmers who lived here in the early 40’s. The sunrise and sunsets from the barn are amazing. It has been so long since Daniel has been here to help, having him home has really been fun. I hate to think of September and everyone going back to school. I know that is what is best for everyone, but each year at this time, I get a little sad. The weather changes, and summer is ending. All the fun time in the pool is over, and it is back to reality. Amy will start swimming, Anna starts cross country, Daniel is back at Mankato. That leaves Russ, me and the puppies! There is nothing more relaxing or healing to the soul than sitting on the lawn with 10 puppies surrounding you. I continue to be so thankful for my job, and happy that I am healthy and can take care of all the dogs. Every day they run along the bike or four wheeler, I am amazed at their beauty, and stamina. Our wheat field has been harvested, and the dogs LOVE to run in the field. They feel so free! It makes me feel free just riding along beside them on the four wheeler! I will post a video of it next week so you can see what I am talking about! 🙂