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Sharing new photos of this little sweetheart!  Perfect blend of momma Ruthie and papa Reagan!   ❤️

Emmie had a very good first week!  We love this little girl!  She has quite a fun personality!  She definitely has a very spunky playful side!  But she will then chill out and calms down.

She is doing fantastic with her schedule and being in her crate while we are at work.

She has a little fan club!  Our house is next to the school playground so when the elementary students are at recess,  they call her name and she prances over to the fence to see them and checks things out!

She is sleeping well all night.  Either I get her up around 6:00 am or she lets us know she is ready to get up between 5:30-6:00.  She sits on a rug while I get her fresh water and her food.  (She impressed me… she is so bright!  She did so good and stayed in her sit!).  I told her okay and brought her food over to her food and water spot.  Told her to sit one more time and released her to eat.

Thank you for everything!  We send you more updates on Emmie as she grows!


Kind Regards,

Julie and Steve