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Easter Week

Puppies visit Amy's Class

Playing with kids at daycare

A visit to the Nursing Home

Visiting the Nursing Home

Neighboring farm for girls club

Easter Morning at Church

Easter morning at Church

My granddaughters not willing to share Easter treats

All wore out from a busy Easter day

Easter week was extra special at Rolling Oaks. Jasmines 11 puppies went on a visit every day and finished the week by going to church and being held by over 100 children! It was a busy day Easter morning gettingĀ  Amy to church on time to participate in the drum line. I am always proud of my kids when they are participating in something they are good at and have a passion for. Amy loves playing the drums and has a snare drum in her room that she plays along to every song! She has never played at church until this Sunday. It is hard to describe the emotions we felt as she marched in. I thought about all we have been through, how frail and weak she was battling leukemia and how many times we were told what Amy would and would not do because of Down syndrome. No matter what you are up against in your life, don’t give up! Keep your eyes on things above. God is in control. Trust Him! Run to Him. Easter morning was glorious, not only because Amy played the drums but because of all the joy 11 puppies brought to hundreds of kids. Easter is about giving. Jesus gave his life for us. I felt like I was doing what He wanted me to do this Easter and it felt great!