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Delilah is Twelve!

Note: Delilah was one of our breeding females that we placed with this family when she was done with her breeding career!

Delilah’s is Twelve Today!

Our delightful Delilah is celebrating her birthday today, number 12!  We truly love our Golden and she delivers back to us unparalleled joy.  Delilah is incredibly kind, sensitive and caring.  She abounds in our affection but it is returned to us in so many ways.  Her health continues to be sound. Her weight remains in the mid-sixties supported by good food and an always prepared appetite. 

We do several walks each day, one of which is usually three miles or so.  During our walks, Delilah may pause looking up for a hug after which she is energetic and ready to resume the trail.  During the day, she frequently rests but with one eye open to monitor our presence and the household activities.  Mozie has taken her to several visits to senior citizens and those that are ailing during which Delilah brings her love and attention.  We are truly blessed and feel fortunate to support her retirement.  Thank you for sharing our precious Golden.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Barry, Mozie and Delilah