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Delightful Delilah

Just a quick update on Delilah, “DD”.  She is a pure joy and thoroughly enjoying retirement.  We do frequent daily walks with one three miles or longer.  DD moves to the sunshine whenever she can for warmth and relaxation.  Her Vet checkups have indicated no issues and her appetite remains that of a Golden Retriever, consumption completed before the dish hits the floor. 
Delilah Golden Retriever Rolling Oaks GoldensThis summer she was treated to regular boat rides.  She is not an aggressive swimmer instead preferring to plop in the water and just cool off.  Delilah is a hit with the neighborhood and frequently plays with other dogs, showing them who is boss and dominant.  An aggressive dog on a leash was recently confronted.  DD raised her paw, placing it on the other dog’s snout as if to say, “Mello out!”.
Delilah Golden Retriever Rolling Oaks Goldens

I hope that your respective summers have been wonderful.

Delilah sends her hugs.  We do love and adore her! Thank you for entrusting us with her.

Barry & Moxie