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Daniel is starting a new business!


FullSizeRender (1)Many of you know our son Daniel. He has been a part of Rolling Oaks since he was a little boy. He is now starting his own home maintenance company. It involves him coming to your home on a monthly basis to take care of all your maintenance needs. I wish he would have been in business earlier this year as we have had several large expenses due to not maintaining our equipment properly. For example, this summer a mouse had built a nest in our outside air-conditioner unit and when we started the air conditioner it started on fire! Thankfully we were home and heard an explosion and saw the fire. Our house could have burned down! If we had been using Daniel’s service this would not have happened.  Check out the website at www.KuraHome.com  or give Daniel a call at 612-503-4050. Mention Rolling Oaks and you’ll get your first month half off!