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doggie-play-date-6-13-2010-0012untitled-7Hi Barb, I was looking at your website and I realized I haven’t sent you pictures of Dakota (Captain & Ivy April ’08) in awhile. She turned 2 yrs. old this past April! Its amazing how fast time flies by. It just seems like yesterday I brought home this tiny little puppy that I could pick up without any effort! I remember looking at all the other adult dogs on your website and thinking it was so far away that my little puppy would grow up into an adult.

I get such wonderful compliments on her color and her looks; whether it be at the groomer, going for walks, from the vet, or from friends and family. Everyone says how well behaved she is. It just makes me feel like such a proud owner when I hear things like that, and it reminds me how she got such a great start when she was a puppy from you and your family. I can’t stress enough what wonderful things your family does for these puppies and I know how much work you put into them.

As you can see in her picture she LOVES to play with other dogs. We had a doggie play date the other day. All 3 of them have their tongues hanging out from a long day of playing! You have no idea how hard it was to get all 3 of them to sit and look at the camera! In the other picture you can see she likes to help herself to our bonfire wood – even if it is a log! And the last one was from this past winter during our Christmas day blizzard. Thank you for everything you and your family does! You do an amazing job!