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pb073601-2pb073617-2Hi Barb!

I hope this finds you and all of the Felts enjoying health, happiness and a lovely Minnesota autumn! Since our big man turned 2 yesterday, I wanted to send you some updated photos. Crosby is from a Ruby/Captain litter.

Suffice it to say that we still believe Crosby is the most perfect guy on the planet 🙂 He remains a puppy at heart with his playful attitude and ability to convince us to take him everywhere possible! He is a fierce protector of all of us and is at his happiest when we’re all home together at the same time. With three active boys in the house, those moments are not as frequent as he would like, so he remains at my side or by (or even on!) my feet at all times. He is incredibly social and loves the company of other dogs – his “playgroup mom” remarks each week at how well-behaved, patient and kind he is with all of the other dogs in his group, no matter their size or temperament. He is also an amazing athlete and way too smart for his own good! Suffice it to say that he “wins” at EVERYTHING. And, as you can see, he also remains a show-stopper – cars slow and people go out of their way to ask us about him – of course, his eyes and engaging personality draw them in even further and it just turns into one big love fest with him at the center of it all! A couple funny facts to share with you….as much as we very rarely let him enjoy anything but dog-appropriate food/snacks, he is obsessed with cheese and can distinguish the sound of any cheese packaging being opened versus any other packaging noise! Also, he is absolutely fanatical about popcorn and will stalk us until every last kernel is gone – we sometimes wait to make popcorn until he is deep in the woods casing deer but it doesn’t matter, his senses prevail and he’s at the door within seconds of turning on the air popper!! As always, thank you for being passionate about what you do and doing it so well – we feel unbelievably blessed to be the recipient of your gifts!

Much Love,