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Crosby is a hero

Hi Barb, We wanted to check-in and let you know that Crosby is doing great, still the most wonderful boy ever! He happily celebrated his 4th birthday this past Sunday. Thankfully our oldest was home from school for the weekend so the gang was all present to spoil Crosby with too many gifts (new toys) and treats (a fresh frozen venison leg). He most definitely knew that there was something special about the day and he relished in all of the attention. His personality has just continued to deepen and we are seeing a little mellowing as he is now mature. His connection with each of us is incredible and we can not imagine life before or without him!

In fact, you need to know that Crosby is a hero – no exaggeration. He literally saved all of our lives a few weeks ago, and prevented us from losing everything. It was a typical weekend day with lots of activities and chaos around. I had just cleaned up the kitchen after lunch and was heading out to run errands when Crosby came running towards me barking violently. At first I thought he was rudely asking to go in the car with me, but then I saw that his ears were back and his tail tightly tucked between his legs. He suddenly ran towards the kitchen barking, then stopped abruptly, turned and ran again towards me. I thought maybe there was a mouse in the house or something that was scaring him so I followed him back to the kitchen where I realized I could smell smoke. Long story short, our new dishwasher was on fire internally and things were rapidly getting out of control. Ultimately, there was a 911 call and a lot of action by the fire department before things were okay, and through it all, Crosby was adamant that he be with me and making sure everything was safe. Honestly, if he had not alerted me, we would have lost not only our new kitchen and whole house, but also Crosby and one son who was to be at home alone studying. Instead, we just had a lot of clean-up and many prayers of gratitude. Afterwards, his attitude was quite priceless – he KNEW he’d done something important and he pranced around for a couple days like he was the king of the house 🙂 Obviously, we adore him beyond words. Here’s some recent pics of our beautiful boy – Enjoy!!
Much Love,