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Hi Barb! I hope this finds you well. We have been following the developments at Rolling Oaks and really had you in our thoughts and prayers when we read about Captain. I am sure that had to be extremely hard for all of you, but Captain is responsible for so many incredible litters and we feel so blessed to have one of his sons! Griffin looks like a beautiful stud and we look forward to seeing his future generations too!

I wanted to pass along this most recent picture of Crosby. He is 3 now and has developed some funny habits – for example, he acts like a senior citizen when it is dinner time…when the clock strikes 4, he does not waste one second in finding someone to give him dinner – We call it the early bird special!! However, he still has his happy, puppy personality and he is always quite certain that everyone he meets must want to be his friend 😉 We continue to receive compliments as to his handsome looks and large size which always make us smile. He is a huge part of our family and is always by my side. We still hope to add a friend for him from Rolling Oaks but we want it to be at the right time so that we can give the next puppy as much love and training as we have given Cros. I hope this finds you and all of the Felts happy and healthy!

Blessings from Massachusetts, Kristin