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Hi Barb,
I hope this finds you doing well! We’ve been thinking a lot about the Felt family and Rolling Oaks – of course, along with that is the ever-present question of “when will we get Crosby a sibling?” The boys would like the answer to that to be yesterday but Jim and I are thinking sometime around the first month of next year would work well. Our oldest son, Matt, is leaving for boarding school in the fall which absolutely breaks my heart, even though it is something that he really, really wants and has worked hard to achieve. Crosby is incredibly close to Matt so it will affect him deeply, I’m afraid. Thankfully, Matt won’t be too far away (~30 mins) and we’ll get to see him most weekends (and dogs are welcome at his school!!). Big news around here is that we’re moving! We’ve decided that we need a little more of a laid-back lifestyle than what the very stuffy and affluent town we now live in offers. We are moving to Concord, MA which is about 20 mins from here. We are incredibly fortunate to have found a great home that is “in-town” but also on the edge of a beautiful national historic park. We can walk to Church and the local stores in 5 mins and yet the walking path to the Old North Bridge (where the “shot heard around the world” was fired to start the Revolutionary War). Our actual yard is bigger than what we have now and has both a split rail fence and an invisible fence. Crosby has no idea what heaven he is in for! The town is obviously incredibly historical and sits on the edge of some of the most beautiful farmland outside of Boston. It just feels more like “home” to us and we are very, very excited for the move! We’ll be closing June 30th but because we are purchasing a former barn built in 1872 (converted to a Colonial home in 1911), we have some work to do on it and will not move in until July 14th. We are going to visit MN this summer but only for a long weekend as the boys’ schedules back here are quite full. I haven’t been home in over two years so I am very much looking forward to being back in the company of friends and family.

Anyway, I really hope you and your family continue to be blessed with good health and happiness. I’ve attached some pictures of our “big man puppy” (as he is affectionately called around here) – he is about 107 lbs and all muscle – he catches foxes, rabbits, anything that he wants, essentially, and gives deer quite the scare with is deep bark. He remains an absolute lover of people and is totally unaware of his size, thus earning quite the reputation of a bull-in-a-china-shop! Just another sweet, handsome Rolling Oaks Golden!
Much Love to you!!
P.S. – notice the Minnesota Golden Gophers collar 🙂