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Copper’s First Few Days!


Just wanted to write with an update about how Copper (Milly/Champ) has settled into his new home over the weekend. 

He has done very well! He loves sleeping in his crate right next to the air vent and on cool tile in the kitchen. Potty training is going pretty well, with a few accidents as would be expected. He has really only cried for 10 minutes or so after Cody leaves for work around 3:30 AM. We have a lot of toys and are working on some brief periods of harder hand nibbling when he gets riled up, but there have been no growls or bites to speak of.

We had our first vet visit today as well as Frontline and HeartGuard treatments. All the staff there were impressed with his calm demeanor and playful spirit (in addition to his utter cuteness). 

We will continue to socialize him over this next week with friends from out of town coming tomorrow for the fourth and my sister and her partner next weekend. A bunch of coworkers and friends will be visiting next weekend for a birthday party/puppy social which should all be great fun. 

Thanks for the wonderful work of love you and your family do. I know it must be sad to let the pups go, but I hope you know how happy they make the people they meet out in the world!

Greetings from Copper (Blue), Cody, and Jeff!