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Communication Issues

I wanted to let all of you know that I have had some phone and computer issues. I accidentally erased several messages of people wanting more information about litter timing, etc. If you have not heard back from me it is not because I am ignoring you, I honestly lost your number!

Please reach out again if you still have questions. I have also had several people not receiving my emails or I have not received your puppy application. Again, if you have not heard from me, please let me know, I have responded to all the applications I have received, so if you have not heard from me I didn’t receive yours. Typically I respond within 2-4 days after you have contacted me. It can get a little busy here when we have puppies. This photo is one of my dear friends who lives at Lincoln Apts. in Litchfield. It is one of my favorite places to bring the puppies because all the residences just light up when we walk in. It is a day maker for me, the people and the puppies!