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IMG_5627Hi Barb,
I hope you all are enjoying your summer! Just wanted to update you on Charlie. He is growing fast! He is probably close to 30lbs. I have him set up next week to get his last booster shot and his rabies. Hard to believe he’s almost 4 months old already!

Everyone has commented on “what a great dog he is, well-behaved, squishy, good-looking, holy cow-he’s huge! etc….” I make sure to tell everyone that we got him from you at Rolling Oaks.. He got to meet Pat’s parents dog this past weekend! He had so much fun playing with him. Charlie did very well staying in his crate at their house too. He rings the bell every time he needs to eliminate, and there’s barely been times where he just rings it, to play outside. We’ve had Charlie stay at the Vet Tech’s house when we went home for a funeral, and he was so great for her, no accidents, listening to her, sleeping in his crate, napping in the crate during the day, etc…Makes me a proud puppy parent! We are so thankful for your socializing and suggestions before we got him. He loves all of the neighborhood kids, people, construction workers, etc, that he sees! He also went on the boat the other day for a few hours and loved it! We got a life jacket and some fun toys to throw and retrieve. He is going out again this weekend. He sleeps through the night still from about 10:30 to 7am. We will be starting a puppy kindergarten soon, as he is old enough now:)

Thanks Barb!