Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

Celebrating Love

Back in the day I started a blog to share with all my clients a little bit about the day to day happenings in my life. Our culture has shifted a bit from people being vulnerable and sharing their heart. Today I want to give you a peek at my real life. A little back-round…on one of the first dates I had with Russ, we talked about our hopes and dreams. I was 15, he was 17! We knew already then that we wanted 6 kids, to live on a farm and teach our children about faith, honesty and integrity. We had no idea what life would bring us when we got married 3 years later. Fast forward to November 4, 2023. I looked back at all life has brought us and I was overwhelmed with joy as  I was surrounded by our 6 children, their spouses and children. We were all together to  celebrate the love of Anna and her husband Nathan. The venue was beautiful, we were all dressed up, but that isn’t what made it special. It was love. Pure, genuine love. We can all get caught up in the business of life and lose sight of the driving force behind it all. That day I was consumed by love and when I look at these pictures, it brings it all back to me. I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I experienced through these photos.

As the years have gone by our business has evolved into more than a business. We have a relationship with our clients and continue to share what we learn through our 40 plus years of breeding. That being said, we are recommending a new dog food. Nutrition is not something to take lightly. With our daughter Amy having Down Syndrome, Leukemia and Lyme’s Disease, I have done my share of research on nutrition for her and in turn my entire family. That knowledge & desire to research carried over to the dogs. We believe in the quality of this food so strongly that we are boldly recommending you use it. We are offering $10.00 off your first order to encourage you to give it a try. Simply reply to info@rollingsoaks.com and we will send you the link and code to order along with more details on why we are recommending Life’s Abundance Dog Food.

Please give your bundle of furry love a big hug from all of us at Rolling Oaks.