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Celebrating Iyla Ann!

On September 18 our eleventh grandchild was born. Iyla Ann. As most of you know I love kids. My dream was to have six children. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the fruits of all that hard work! Eleven grandkids! It is the best. I love the opportunity to be a part of their lives and teach them about animals and the garden and work ethics. I try to teach them about what really matters in life and how to be honest and trustworthy. I incorporate these little lessons in everyday life. They see in Russ and I and their parents examples of doing your best and honoring God with our time and resources. One of the things I love about my job is that my grandkids can come to work with me. They ride with me on the four-wheeler as we run the dogs and sing silly songs. They help me feed and water the dogs and clean the kennels. They watch me train and teach the dogs what is acceptable and not acceptable. It is a good life. One I don’t take for granted.

Today is our oldest daughter Christie’s birthday. She is 38. I can remember looking at her and feeling like all my dreams came true. She was the model child. She had to grow up quickly after Amy was born. At that time Leukemia consumed me and I didn’t even have time to get groceries. Christie and her sister Kelly took over all the household chores at the ages of 14 & 16. At the time I felt so bad they had so much responsibility, but looking back I can see how God used it to form them into the amazing women they are today. Both are leaders. Both have four children and run their businesses and homes with ease. Needless to say I am one proud, thankful, happy mom. Remember when life is hard and you are in the middle of raising your children and trying to make ends meet, it will all work out. Let God in. Cry out to Him for help. He equips us to somehow, some way make it through those crazy days. Now here I am, blessed with another new life. Honored to have little Iyla Ann named after me.

Russ and I with Baby Iyla
Russ, our son David, and Baby Iyla