Dear Barb and family, Greetings! I thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of Rosie (Whinnie/Champ). Amazingly, a year has passed since she came into my life. I want to thank you for your special ministry. During these difficult days, it is comforting to have a faithful companion by my side. Take care and God bless.


Hi Barb This bird somehow was still in MN and hung out with Sunny (Winnie/Champ) for 3-4 minutes beak to nose many times. He’s doing great by the way. Really seeing him reign it in as he plays with the girls so he’s more gentle. He is such a powerhouse! And of course, so chill …

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Hi, Barb! I just felt compelled to send you an email today to express our families gratitude for your Rolling Oaks Goldens business.  The love and care you put into raising your puppies and placing them with families is so appreciated.  Moses (Winnie/Champ) has been such a blessing to us!  He has the perfect temperament …

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