Sharing new photos of this little sweetheart!  Perfect blend of momma Ruthie and papa Reagan!   ❤️ Emmie had a very good first week!  We love this little girl!  She has quite a fun personality!  She definitely has a very spunky playful side!  But she will then chill out and calms down. She is doing …

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Good morning, Barb! Gus (Ruthie/Champ) likes to step up on the bench seats and lay in the bay window. He is 7 months old now. We just finished puppy kindergarten 2 weeks ago and he did wonderfully. Thank you again for letting me adopt him. He is my puppy love.   Angela  

Best Dog

Hi Barb!    I thought I’d send a quick update on Bob (Ruthie/Champ).  We love him more and more every day and he’s so fun to have around!  We got married this summer and he got to play an important role…Best Dog!  He did great! Thanks gain for raising such great dogs! Tami

Miss Tilly

Barb, Thought it was time to send you an update on Tilly (Ruthie/Champ). When you asked us what we were looking for in a puppy our only request was a happy girl and you delivered.  Tilly is a joy! She has a spunky side and loves to investigate all things new; airplanes and butterflies are …

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Hi Barb, I realized we hadn’t sent you any photos of Solly. Solly is doing really well. He’s a local celebrity in our neighborhood and just loves meeting new people (and dogs!). He also loves car rides and going out to patios with us. We took him swimming and day camping last weekend and he …

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