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Hi Barb, Just a quick update on Daisy (Ruby/Captain).  She is so sweet and loving. At 10 years she is still very spunky and playful as you can see in this picture.  What a beautiful Golden. ❤️🐾 Rebecca 


Hi Barb – it has been quite a while since I have sent any type of update on Moxie (Ruby/Locknivar) so, since it is her 12th birthday today, I thought I’d send some pics.  She’s been a wonderful girl albeit is slowing down quite a bit.  She still enjoys her daily walks but not as …

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Heatley & Crosby

Hi Barb!   I know the dust is probably just settling for you after the State Fair but I wanted to send you this photo as it was taken just a day before Heatley (Hazel/Champ) turned the big “1” 🙂 Crosby (age 6 1/2, Captain/Ruby) and Heatley adore each other equally and we cannot imagine …

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Hi Barb,  I know you’re busy with things, but I just wanted to give you an update on the boys.  Heatley (Hazel/Champ) and Crosby (Captain/Ruby) are doing awesome. My sanity is being tested with the combination of 8 paws, melting snow and a very muddy yard but nothing a little hose and towel on the …

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Hi Barb – I wanted to send you Moxie’s (Ruby/Lochnivar puppy) 7th birthday pictures we took on Aug 24. As you can see, she is doing wonderfully well. I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care Greg and Brenda

Daisy & Kona

Hi Barb, Just thought I would send this great picture of Daisy (Ruby and Captain) and Kona (Cabela’s 1st litter). I can’t tell you how much we love these pups! Always so sweet and gentle. Becky

Daisy & Kona

Hi Barb, Just wanted to send you a great picture of Daisy (Captain and Ruby) and Kona (Cabella’s 1st litter). They are the BEST dogs and we love them so much! They love to run through the snow and Daisy is always making snow angels. Hope all is well and we really enjoy seeing all …

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