If you only knew how much we love our Goldens! Each one holds a special place in our hearts. This photo is featuring Reagan. He is one of the big studs at Rolling Oaks Goldens. You can always find him by your side. It doesn’t matter if we are biking, running, walking, playing fetch, trail …

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Hi Barb, Happy New Year! I hope you’re doing well. Hudson (Violet/Reagan)is doing great and is the biggest sweetheart. He is the perfect dog for us; so affectionate and loving. We have people stop us all the time saying how handsome and sweet he is and that he should be in the movies!! I’ve attached …

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Sweet Sonny

Alaina (19) our daughter has a rare Syndrome called CFC. Sweet Sonny (Mabel/Reagan) was a year in July.  Sonny has been a blessing to our home and to Alaina. Sonny is so good with Alaina. Sonny “knows” she has special needs.  When we were applying to get a dog from Rolling Oaks Goldens we had …

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Hi Barb, Hudson (Violet/Reagan)turned 6 months old yesterday and he dressed up to celebrate! We just could not love him anymore!! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your summer. Linda, Bill, Bobby, and Hudson


Harvey (Honey /Reagan)  is doing wonderfully!  We love him so so so much! He does have Instagram profile if you ever want to follow him on there and watch him grow! We would love it. His name is – @good.golden.harvey He loves the grass and wants to eat everything in sight!! He is starting to …

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Hi Barb, Just wanted to give you a little update. On May 5 Maddie turned 12. Maddie continues to be a wonderful golden (everyone loves her). Thank you for the excellent work you do as a breeder. We have benefited from the early start you gave her. P.S. I work with someone who purchased a …

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Rally and Beau

Great way to start the day. This video was taken last weekend. Anna & Britton came home and were boarding Beau. It captures what I have the privilege of doing every day…riding into the sunrise with beautiful dogs romping around me.  The photo is of Rally (Mabel/Reagan). He is looking so proud in front of …

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I know you enjoy hearing about your puppies. We are having so much fun with Bolo. (Honey/Reagan). He is so smart, he’s picking up commands really quickly. Every day I realize how much we are benefiting from the hard work you put in before we had him. Here is a photo of Bolo on the …

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