Barb-  Wanted to share a gorgeous pic of my Cooper – Honey/Reagan 2020. There really are no words to tell how much I love this dog -now a certified therapy dog too.   Smiles, Sherrie


Sharing new photos of this little sweetheart!  Perfect blend of momma Ruthie and papa Reagan!   ❤️ Emmie had a very good first week!  We love this little girl!  She has quite a fun personality!  She definitely has a very spunky playful side!  But she will then chill out and calms down. She is doing …

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Hi Barb, Our Marty (Piper/Reagan) is doing fantastic. He’s such a bundle of energy and joy but is so sweet and loving at the same time. We couldn’t be happier with him, despite growing up way too fast! Thanks! Jonathan


Hi Barb, It’s been a while since I sent an update on Willy ( Iris/Reagan). We just had him at the vet yesterday, and he’s already 36 lbs. at 14.5 weeks! He’s such a good dog and the best addition to our family. My favorite times with him are our morning walks and evening boat …

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Hi Barb, just got back from vacation and boarding Piper(Lyla/Reagan)at North Oaks Kennels.  The folks there said he was really a smart dog. This is likely a great compliment as the owner’s father-in-law was the first person to win a national field championship with a Golden Retriever.  Many years ago I owned one of their …

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