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Puppies that have grown up


Good Morning, Barb! Our beautiful and happy boy Archie (Hazel and Champ) turned 4 July 29, 2017.  I’ve attached a photo from this month for you to see how well he smiles when he sees a camera. It was a full day: Began with him spotting a box turtle in the woods. He barked at …

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Barb, I hope you and your family are well. Buster is 10 months old this month. He is such a great dog! We had Daniel come to the house a few months ago to offer some pointers, and we have enjoyed puppyhood so much more because of it! He loves playing with kiddos, retrieving sticks …

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Hi Barb- It has been too long since I’ve emailed! Hilde is doing great. She is such a sweet dog and so well behaved. This picture shows Hilde on a hike with us outside of Finland, MN. She loves the woods and she loves to go hiking with us. On this particular hike she flushed …

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Hi Barb! We have been meaning to send pics your way for some time now!! You breed beautiful dogs!! Gus is such a good boy… He is mellowing a bit, but continues to be the active, playful pup we have loved from day 1! (Gus is a 1 ½ year old dog from Delilah/Captain.) Matt …

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