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10 Year Old!

Well, Barb, Here’s our 10-year-old.  He surely doesn’t look it does he?  Champ and Hazel made a good one.   A few photos from this past week.  Also a photo of Berthe, at 15 years & 6 months old!  


Hi, Barb and Everyone! Just a quick word to honor Archie’s 7th birthday. Hazel and Champ made a beautiful boy. I cannot believe it has been seven years since we picked that baby up, seven years since Luca went, seven years since Berthe reluctantly let a new puppy take Luca’s place in her dog life. …

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Hi Barb! Heatley (Hazel/Champ) just turned 6 on 7/29! I had to send you this pic because it captures his essence so perfectly – he literally smiles ALL. THE. TIME. and he’s always on the ready, waiting (mostly) patiently for a ball or frisbee to be thrown. He’s my constant companion and his devotion to …

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Chief is 4!

Good morning, Barb, Russ & all, Our sweet little Chief (Hazel & Champ) turned 4! He is the best dog; so loving & sweet. If we’re around friends & their dogs he will greet the dogs but prefers to be with people. I’m retired now so he is my pal; lies by my chair/ feet; …

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Hi Barb:  I can’t believe our precious Quincy (Hazel/Champ) turns 5 today!!  Time flies.  We could not love him any more!!  He is so very sweet and love-able, and compliant.  He’s just so easy.  Although Tucker (Rose/Banner) was a pretty tough act to follow, Quincy is doing an awesome job of it.  I can’t imagine …

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