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Hi Barb, Just wanted to send you 1-year photos (his birthday was March so a bit late) of our buddy Finn.  He is the best dog and we love him so much.  The amount of fun and happiness he has added to our family is priceless.  He loves everybody, going on his daily walks and …

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Sunny at Sanibel

Sunny’s trip to Sanibel Island Barb – Sunny (Frani/Winston) made it to Sanibel Island just great! He was a fabulous traveler and he loves going to the beach and swimming!


Hi Barb,   Finn (Frani/Winston) went to the cabin for the first time this weekend and loved it!!!  He is doing awesome-sleeping through the night now and even goes into his kennel on his own throughout the day to take a nap.  Thanks again for our beautiful addition to our family.   Holly


Hi Barb & family,   I have to say this little Sadie (Frani/Winston)is adorable and lots of work! She has a lot of energy, and likes to bite, has to eat as much as possible, barking, running, and keeping us on our toes.   I have been working with her every morning with walking and …

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