Sunny at Sanibel

Sunny’s trip to Sanibel Island Barb – Sunny (Frani/Winston) made it to Sanibel Island just great! He was a fabulous traveler and he loves going to the beach and swimming!


Hi Barb,   Finn (Frani/Winston) went to the cabin for the first time this weekend and loved it!!!  He is doing awesome-sleeping through the night now and even goes into his kennel on his own throughout the day to take a nap.  Thanks again for our beautiful addition to our family.   Holly


Hi Barb & family,   I have to say this little Sadie (Frani/Winston)is adorable and lots of work! She has a lot of energy, and likes to bite, has to eat as much as possible, barking, running, and keeping us on our toes.   I have been working with her every morning with walking and …

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