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Farewell Friend

Our sweet Gus (Captain/Delilah) passed yesterday at 13 years old. He’d had a fresh groom and looked cute as ever! We are so thankful for the years we had, although no amount would have ever been enough. That golden personality is something magic. Thank you for the joy you brought to our home through Gus. …

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Mindy Is 10!

Mindy Lee Mueller  (photo attached) is 10 yrs. old today.  She is out of Daniels Delilah of Rolling Oaks .  Mindy is in very good shape and still goes hunting although she just likes to watch and run along…….. not interested in participating.  She is the sweetest dog ever!   Thanks for giving her to …

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Delilah is Twelve!

Note: Delilah was one of our breeding females that we placed with this family when she was done with her breeding career! Delilah’s is Twelve Today! Our delightful Delilah is celebrating her birthday today, number 12!  We truly love our Golden and she delivers back to us unparalleled joy.  Delilah is incredibly kind, sensitive and …

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Delightful Delilah

Just a quick update on Delilah, “DD”.  She is a pure joy and thoroughly enjoying retirement.  We do frequent daily walks with one three miles or longer.  DD moves to the sunshine whenever she can for warmth and relaxation.  Her Vet checkups have indicated no issues and her appetite remains that of a Golden Retriever, …

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Hi Barb, Thanks for your note! Thoven (Delilah/Jackson 2015 Litter) is doing great. A couple pix, one from our daughter’s wedding last week in our home, the other from a few months ago resting up after a lot of leaping off the dock: –Susan


Hi Barb – Lily (Delilah/Lochnivar) loves the water. Thanks for such a wonderful dog. I ordered the 40lb bag every 8 weeks of Life’s Abundance. She should like it. I know I have told you this many times – but I just have to tell you again how happy I am with Lily. She is …

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Dear Rolling Oaks, Teddy was from Delilah and Captain’s litter of April 30th, 2010. We are really enjoying having Teddy as an amazing addition to our family. He is very playful, perfectly trained and the best family dog that we could ask for. We’re so lucky to be blessed with a dog as lovely as …

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