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The Puppies are here!

Zoey and Copper had their puppies July 3. Emmy had her puppies July 14! Lots of fun and action at Rolling Oaks. All of these puppies are spoken for. If you are interested in a puppy, we will have a litter available between November and March, depending on Mother Nature!


Hi Barb, Hope you are doing well. This is Emma, she will turn 9 in July. I believe she is from Glorybee Banner and Copper II. She is a great companion, and comes to work with me every day. Dan

Busy on the farm

There is lots to do here on the farm! We are preparing for over 250 guests this Friday to celebrate Anna’s graduation from High School. My grandkids came over on Saturday to help hold puppies while their dad helped pressure wash the farm! This is Copper’s litter.