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10 Year Old!

Well, Barb, Here’s our 10-year-old.  He surely doesn’t look it does he?  Champ and Hazel made a good one.   A few photos from this past week.  Also a photo of Berthe, at 15 years & 6 months old!  

Self Taught

Hi Barb,   Thank you for updating my email for your newsletter. I love to read what is happening at Rolling Oaks Goldens.   This is Romy (Nali/Champ) bringing me my newspaper in the morning. One day she arrived at the door with it and has been bringing up the driveway ever since. Rain or …

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Mr. Maverick

Hi, Barb and Rolling Oaks family!   I just wanted to pop in and give you an update on our Maverick (Champ and Winnie, January 2019).   He’s our big, sweet boy Mav! I often see a little of his dad and mom in his looks, for sure. We get compliments all the time about …

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Good morning, Barb! Gus (Ruthie/Champ) likes to step up on the bench seats and lay in the bay window. He is 7 months old now. We just finished puppy kindergarten 2 weeks ago and he did wonderfully. Thank you again for letting me adopt him. He is my puppy love.   Angela  


Hi Barb! Sasha (Milly/Champ) has been a wonderful addition to my life and is always such a spark of energy and fun. She gets compliments from people every time we go out and has been a big hit among family and friends. I wanted to say hello and send some pictures of our time in her …

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Hi, Barb and Everyone! Just a quick word to honor Archie’s 7th birthday. Hazel and Champ made a beautiful boy. I cannot believe it has been seven years since we picked that baby up, seven years since Luca went, seven years since Berthe reluctantly let a new puppy take Luca’s place in her dog life. …

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One year old!

Good morning Barb – Comet and Abbey (Milly and Champ) turned one. I am attaching a picture of my two and Becky’s two dogs – all from Rolling Oaks. Shelby, Badger, Comet, Abbey Lauri 


Dear Barb and family, Greetings! I thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of Rosie (Whinnie/Champ). Amazingly, a year has passed since she came into my life. I want to thank you for your special ministry. During these difficult days, it is comforting to have a faithful companion by my side. Take care and God bless.