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Cabela’s Litter is already 7 weeks old

Cabela’s litter is 7 weeks old tomorrow. The time has flown by. The seventh week is always a bit tense around here with taking the puppies off the farm every day to nursing homes, preschool, observing them and testing them, choosing which puppy will go to which owner, giving baths, doing all the paperwork…trying to keep up with normal life. Russ once again ran out of clean underwear! We joke that he should buy a new pack every time this happens, or, throw a load of laundry in! We are an amazing team and I can’t imagine my life without him. In all the business of life, I try to take time and see all that I have. Last weekend all six grandchildren were here. They are such a help with the puppies. The pups follow them where ever they go. I told my daughters I wish their kids could live here the last week that I have a litter. Yes, it is loud and crazy, but that is what my life is. I love it.