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Hi Barb! As the State Fair rolls around, I always start thinking about you and your family at Rolling Oaks. My, what an exciting year you have had! Congratulations on all of you new additions and new memories, your family is so wonderful. I wanted to give you an update on Butters, who was from the January 2006 litter of Captain and Ruby. Its hard to believe that the small little fluff ball grew into the mature girl she is today. She is just the best. I love reading the testimonials and I find myself nodding along with each one, as my husband and I cherish our “fur-baby” so much. It is funny to see the similarites between some of the other dogs that people write in about; one had mentioned her boy sprawls on his back and tucks his paw under when laying on his belly. Butters also does this! As others have said, people also stop me in the street just to tell me how beautiful Butters is. She looks so much like Captain, except with about 10x the amount of fur! I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are for people like you and dogs like all of the wonderful ones you have helped bring into the lives of others.

Alex, Rus, and Butters.