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Bright Smiles and Puppies

This photo makes me smile. I snapped it today when I dropped our youngest daughter Amy off at work. She is especially happy today because she gets to work, but it is also one of her best friends’ birthdays and they are going out for dinner. Most of our posts and updates are about dogs and puppies, but that is just one part of my life. I also have 6 kids, 4 in-laws and 12 grandkids! Needless to say, my life is full. I feel so blessed to live in a town where everyone knows Amy and loves her and accepts her for who she is. McDonald’s has been an amazing employer and has gone out of their way to make employment work for Amy.  Amy has so much to offer when given the chance. She is definitely my sidekick and helps me with the household chores and especially helps with the puppies. I learn a lot from her. She has taught me to have patience and understanding and most of all, not to worry. Amy doesn’t stress about what’s happening in the world or if she has enough money. She does care about what is for supper! Lol. I hope all of us can learn from her example and live for the day.

As for the business side of my life, I have an update on our applications. We opened the application process for just a few hours in July as we had 4 puppies to place. We quickly placed them and closed the process as it is very time-consuming and we have puppies here that require a lot of our time and attention. We are breeding several females so hopefully, we will have successful pregnancies and will open the applications in early September. I will send out a newsletter announcing that along with notifications on Facebook and Instagram. Those applications will be for puppies ready for their new homes in November or possibly January or February. We say it often but we do rely on Mother Nature and she is not reliable so we really appreciate your patience and understanding.

Don’t forget Amy’s bright smile and great attitude. She is thankful for her job and her family and friends. She appreciates “what’s for supper”…I want to be like her!