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Hi Barb!

Bob(Ruthie/Champ) turned 3 on 3/21 and he is doing so great! We had a baby girl on 3/3 and he has been so good with her. He is so calm and gentle around her and loves to be right by her. He’s always a willing participant for our walks around the house or living room when we’re trying to get baby to sleep…follows right behind us with a big smile on his face the whole time! He’s also enjoying the increase in nap time!  We recently moved to a new neighborhood and live on a loop/cul de sac with 4 other goldens and Bob loves having other friends who share his enthusiasm for life! 🙂 Thanks again for giving us such a good boy! We love him! Hope you’re doing well!

Bob Rolling Oaks Golden Retrievers
Bob Rolling Oaks Goldens