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Barb, Friday was a big day for Blaze! (Jasmine/Griffin) He came to my school on the last day of reading class and was perfect! My students had two rules to follow at first: no touch, no talk. Blaze went up and sniffed each one of them individually. Then he took lots of petting without any mouthing. I broke treats apart and each student was able to do a trick with him. Blaze sits on command at any time, lays down, and rolls over. What a sweetie!

Blaze also had a vet check on Friday. He weighs 16 pounds and had his next set of shots. The vet said he’s a nice dog! He is also walking very well on a leash. We walk a half a block 3-4 times a day and he loves it! He strides a long next to me without pulling or wanting to stop and sniff. I am soooo excited for some training classes with him! He’s definitely ready to learn more!