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Hi Barb!

I was just thinking of you. Beverly (Hazel/Champ) is doing great! She can sit, stay, shake and come (although when she is distracted these things are a little harder for her). We are still working on down. Bev is doing wonderful in her crate and even went in on her own to sleep while we were making dinner.

Bev loves loves loves people – especially kids. Whenever we see one on the street she gets super excited and wants to run over to see him or her. She loves to snuggle with us and lay on our feet when we are cooking dinner. We often play fetch with her and she is slowly learning to “drop”. Bev loves to eat EVERYTHING off of the ground. Sticks, flowers, dirt, you name it. She is learning fast and we couldn’t be happier with our girl! Here is a few pics of our growing pup!

-Carley & Chris