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Hi Barb!
I hope all is well with you and your family. Thought I would reach out with a quick update of our sweet Beverly (Hazel/Champ – March 2015 liter). Our girl is about to reach 7 months old at 50 lbs and she couldn’t be doing any better! She’s well-behaved and calm mannered – especially around children. Beverly is our #1 cuddler and always wants to be part of everything we do, big or small, which is just what we wanted in a pup. She has officially claimed her spot near the living room window where she looks out at the families that pass by. Bev has a constant smile on her face. This is something my mom loves to tell people – “Beverly actually smiles!” Needless to say, Beverly brings a lot of joy to people’s lives!

One of Bev’s favorite activities is hitting the local dog park where she is loved by many. Bev has surpassed her curious nature of following other dogs around and is now the one being followed – popular, much? While we take our daily walks this fall, Bev has quickly discovered her huge love for leaf piles. Chris and I kick up the leaves for her to jump and catch. She now stops at every leaf pile and looks back at us, expecting leaves to fly in the air for her enjoyment.

We are so excited for Beverly’s first Holiday Season – she will be spoiled, of course! Can’t wait to see how she does in the snow. I imagine it will be the same love she has for leaves! 😉

Barb, Beverly is so extremely loved by everyone she meets and couldn’t be a kinder dog. She loves everyone and everything, and we are confident that she is a happy happy dog. We can’t wait to get another Rolling Oaks Golden sometime in the future!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Attached are some recent pictures of Beverly.

-Carley, Chris and Bev