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image002image003image001image004Hello Barb!

Wanted to share with you some new photos of Belle (Ivy and Banner Dec 2006).

Belle is doing wonderfully and is such a good dog! We couldn’t be happier with her and her temperament. Everyone who meets her loves her. Belle has many many friends in the neighborhood who come to visit her each day. Every time I look out the window when she is outside I see someone who has stopped to greet her or play with her, this includes other dogs. kids and adults. The neighbor kids often take her across the street to the park while they play lacrosse, football etc so she can run with them. She loves it of course!

As you can see from the pictures- Belle and our daughter Natalie are truly best buddies! Natalie just turned two and has taken over feeding Belle. She makes sure that Belle gets her breakfast and dinner everyday 🙂 Natalie also got a big girl bed recently and Belle is pleased as now it is easier to snuggle!

The fourth picture is what we call her “alligator” pose. She lays like that all the time and we always think she looks like an alligator laying around the house. She has always been a pretty big girl but she did put on some winter weight that we are working on taking off now that spring is here. Everybody comments on her size as she is a very big dog but we couldn’t imagine her any other way 🙂 We affectionately call her our ” big yellow moose”.

Take care, we hope all is well!

Chad and Jamie