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Morning Barb, Just a quick note to let you know all is well with Beckette! She has her people, her house and her yard all figured out. With this heat, she has a real thing for air conditioner vents. She knows she can lay on one after she goes outside. It’s a dash from the kennel to the door. Out she goes to do her thing and it’s a fast turn back to the door to get to lay on a vent. The nights have been a little cooler and that’s when she gets a good chunk of outside play. We had our Son bring our Grandchild Jack several days in a row so that they could get a feel for each other. Jack did great on Friday and Saturday. Beckette was pretty sure he was a litter mate and chewed on him accordingly. By the end of Saturday night, Jack was hiding from her in her kennel. On Sunday Scott came back over with Jack and Jack figured out that “NO PUPPY, NO” works well. Giggling and running; not so much! They have now got it all worked out. This little girl is calm as a cucumber when someone comes to the door and then ready to play when they call her name. She likes to chew!! Having said that, replacing whatever she is after with a toy works like a charm. She has gone on several little car trips and she loves to explore wherever we land with her. We’re having a blast and already can’t imagine life without her. Stay cool this weekend! All the best, Dawn