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Badger’s 1st Birthday

stuff-091stuff-095Hi Barb –

Just wanted to share with you that we celebrated Badger’s 1 year birthday on Feb 21st. I am attaching a few pictures.

Badger has turned out to be a wonderful dog. He is a nice 71 pounds and so mellow. I think he looks so much like Captain and am wondering if Captain sleeps upside down as well with all four paws up in the air? Because Badger sleeps like this a lot. Badger has a big head and the blackest nose you will ever see!

We are just finishing up our Intermediate Obedience class, however, I’m not sure he will do as well as he did in basic obedience for passing the final test. He just can’t seem to handle the fact that he must stay and NOT retrieve the toys when she comes by and squeeks or throws them. Practice, practice, practice.

I’d like for him to be a therapy dog and I think this because as a nurse I miss the clinical setting just a bit and by taking this path it would get me more into the clinical setting again even if it is to just bring joy to the face of others while petting a dog. But don’t know much about it or where to begin. I’ve done some web research, but not really sure how to start things. If you have any suggestions or input, please share.

Again, thanks so much for this wonderful dog. I only wish Litchfield was closer for visitation. My oldest is always out on your website watching for the latest puppy pictures to appear and then of course, wants another. I keep telling her unfortunately the puppies don’t stay small for long!!

Take care,