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Availability For Training and Boarding

We have availability for training and boarding in January. It is an investment but as this testimony says it is very beneficial for both dog and owner. 

Hi Barb,

I just want to give you a quick update on Kiah.  We sent her to boot camp over Thanksgiving week and WOW what a different puppy she is.

It is amazing what a little bit of professional training can do.  She has a pretty calm demeanor to, begin with, but what he did in ten days is incredible. 

  • Jumping up to greet us and others.  No longer does this.
  • Taking us for walks, we now take her for walks.  She heels great! 
  • Begging or being a nuisance, we point to the floor and tell her down, she lays down right then and there.
  • Toy/food possessive aggressive.  With toys, she will now drop (sometimes with a little hesitation) food I can pet her or be by her bowls and she will continue to eat, not freeze or growl.
  • She had a sock fetish (has eaten 4 that we are aware of), if she goes near a sock we say leave it and she does.
  • Come.  She loves to be outside and loves playing with her tennis balls in the snow.  Doesn’t want to come in from playing outside.  Work in progress, but getting better!
  • Twice this week around 8 pm, we were looking for her around the house, found her both times in her kennel, door wide open sound asleep.

The tools and video from Daniel and the tips you have given us have worked tremendously!  Always work in progress, but at 10 months old she is a very very good puppy and we are on the right track.

Thank you so much & Happy Holidays! Todd and Tracy