Barb Felt

Homer is 9 months!

Barb & Russ, Homer has his first solo hunt today for his 9-month birthday. He did well. Wishing You and your family a happy holiday season! Anita & Nate

Augie Blue

Barb, I already sent a note to Kelly but wanted to also thank you for our newest addition – Augie Blue (aka Red in the pack of 13)  He is a fantastic, fun, and super smart pup. We are having so much fun. This first week with him is flying by. Hazel Blue (his big …

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Hi Barb, Our little Ruby is an absolute sweetie with such a calm demeanor.  She has been to 30 lacrosse games and has been named each Lucy and Grady’s team mascot! Ha!  She absolutely loves being at the cabin, all the scents, animals and waiting patiently for her sister and brother to catch a fish. …

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Barb, Sending you some pictures of Lily. She went to memory care today to visit Tony who has been there since early February. He was so glad to see her. She got lots of hugs pets and kisses from a variety of people.  She was such a good girl. Rhonda


Barb-  Wanted to share a gorgeous pic of my Cooper – Honey/Reagan 2020. There really are no words to tell how much I love this dog-now a certified therapy dog too. Smiles, Sherrie

Kash turns 5

We celebrated Kash’s 5th birthday today and wanted you to see our two beautiful boys. Kody is almost 11 months and he is taller, broader, and outweighs his big brother. Kody’s nickname is Giant Baby. They are so good together and we are enjoying all the love they are giving us.