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Hi Barb, Congrats on all of your litters recently! How cool to have so many pups running around. Last year we adopted our amazing dog Arlo (Hazel/Champ) from Rolling Oaks Goldens. He is doing great and is such a joy to have in our lives! He was recently neutered and super happy to have the cone off! He continues to love to go on walks at Quarry Hill nature center, play soccer, and snuggle with Andre and I. He is a terrific rider in the car too!
Arlo Rolling Oaks Goldens Arlo Rolling Oaks GoldensAndre and I have been talking about adopting another pup from you in the future. We have always envisioned having two dogs. The care and love you gave Arlo before he came into our lives is unexplainable, so we would love to adopted from you again. We are thinking about a year from now and would like a female.

Morgan  and Andre