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Hi, Barb and Everyone!

Just a quick word to honor Archie’s 7th birthday. Hazel and Champ made a beautiful boy. I cannot believe it has been seven years since we picked that baby up, seven years since Luca went, seven years since Berthe reluctantly let a new puppy take Luca’s place in her dog life.
He is more beautiful every day. Here’s a photo I took of him a few days ago — framed by Fuschia, Bay Laurel, and Lantana. He’s checking out the baby mourning dove in the second photo.
We couldn’t love this boy any more than we do.
Thank you, so very much for all of your good work and all of the help and support you have always given along the way with all of my Rolling Oaks Goldens.
Our best,
Diana & Chuck (and, Archie & Berthe & — in spirit — Luca),