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Good Morning, Barb!

Our beautiful and happy boy Archie (Hazel and Champ) turned 4 July 29, 2017.  I’ve attached a photo from this month for you to see how well he smiles when he sees a camera.

It was a full day:
Began with him spotting a box turtle in the woods. He barked at it, pretended to lunge at it and even gave some kind of whine/growl thing at it. But the turtle just looked at me as if to say, “What’s up with him?” In the end, of course, the turtle won.

Archie ended his day by discovering that a mama toad had had babies under our deck. One little guy was hopping around on the lower step while mom watched from below.  Archie didn’t even bark at this one. It was more like, “Now what in the world are you supposed to be?”  Funny boy, that one.

Diana and Chuck