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Hi Barb,
I wanted to check in and let you know Applesauce continues to be a complete joy.  She’s been growing steadily and is quickly departing puppy-dome! She’s now lean and lanky, and learning how to climb onto the furniture 🙂 We got through potty training within only a few weeks of bringing her home, which was awesome, especially after hearing how long it sometimes takes other dogs.

Her favorite things:
-Walks around the neighborhood
-Visiting anyone and everyone who will give her a little attention (she’s especially fond of kids)
-Tennis balls
-Socks and underwear (she’ll steal them quietly if you leave them in her reach)
-Digging in the dirt, evidenced by the attached photo 🙂

Hope you are doing well, and thanks again for prepping Applesauce to be the best little family member we could ask for.
-Sabrina and Matt