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Annie’s Amazing Grace

Hi Barb,  Attached please find a photo of my best friend of 13 years, “Annie’s Amazing Grace” aka Miss Gracie. I’ve enjoyed reading all the great stories and updates from the fortunate families who have welcomed home one of your marvelous goldens. We have been loving our Gracie girl for more than 13 years now (she is a Trea/Anne puppy born in March 1998)! Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do and one of the best ever additions to our family. She moves a little slower now but is still a spunky old lady when the mood strikes. It’s been a blessing to grow up with her, through middle and high school, college, and now as I finish medical school – though your webpage makes me wish I’d studied veterinary medicine 🙂 Thanks again and all the best to you and yours.