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Amy’s Race

Last weekend was the Litchfield Watercade celebration. Every year for the past 17, Russ and I and a few of our kids run in the four mile run around the lake. When Amy was about 11 she started to run with me the last block of the race. Everyone in town knows Amy. She is more popular than any of our kids, so when she runs across the finish line, every one is yelling “Go Amy-good job Amy” This year I didn’t train very well for the race, so when Amy joined me for the last block, she was running faster than I was! There is something amazing about hearing all those people cheer for her, knowing she totally cheated and only ran one block! They love her and accept her for who she is! After the race there is water provided. When I gave her a high five she said “Mom, I need water!” as thought she had just finished a marathon! Next year I will run, or I should say “jog” the race again, not for me, but for Amy.