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Amy’s Prom


I was concerned Amy would not have the stamina to endure all the excitement of prom, but thanks to her amazing friends she had a wonderful time. She was able to go through the grand march, dinner and danced for an hour before she needed to come home. I wanted Amy to be a part of prom, not just for her but for her friends. They miss the Amy they have grown up. It was an emotional evening for me. Once she made it through the grand march I cried tears of joy. I never would have dreamed a year ago such a small accomplishment would be so significant. Amy has been on IV antibiotics for 3 ½ weeks now to treat Lyme disease. She is not getting worse. We see tiny glimpses of improvement. We are hanging on to hope. In the meantime life doesn’t stop. There are still puppies to take care of, chores to do, laundry to be done, grandkids who need their Grandma, kids who need their mom, a husband who needs his wife. God continues to equip me. I am so thankful for my life and that Amy is alive. I know she will win this battle and come back to be the Amy we all know and love. Thank you to so many of you who are supporting us with your thoughts and prayers.

Barb Felt